Letter Writers FAQ

1. What service does LetterService.com provide?
LetterService.com is a trusted third party service provider for storing and delivering letters of recommendation.
2. I received a letter request. How do I submit the letter to LetterService.com?
Please make sure to sign your letter and scan it. Then upload your letter to our website via the "Recommenders" page. The uploading instructions are included in the Letter Request Form you received from us.
3. Will my letter be viewed by the applicant?
When the applicant creates a letter request, the applicant has to indicate whether or not he or she agrees to waive his or her right to access the letter. If the applicant has agreed to waive the right, the letter is marked as confidential and we will not disclose the content of the letter to the applicant. The Letter Request Form you receive should indicate whether or not the applicant has agreed to waive the right to view the letter.
4. Should I write the reference letter to a specific organization?
Since the applicant will use the reference letter for multiple applications (i.e. the letter will be sent to multiple recipients), the reference letter should not be organization-specific.
5. What is the requirement for the reference letter?
The letter must clearly and correctly indicate the applicant’s full name. The letter must also be printed on the letterhead and signed. Your letter should be appropriate for multiple audiences (i.e. not organization-specific). Please include your contact information in your letter in case the institutions / employers may need to contact you for more information about the applicant you are recommending.
6. Where will my letter be sent?
With the applicant’s requests, your letters may be sent to prospective employers, professional and graduate schools, and scholarship and fellowship offices with verifiable business addresses. If we are unable to verify the recipient, we will refuse to send the letter.
7. Is there a cost to me as a recommender (letter writer)?
No. Our service is free of charge for letter writers.