Letter Recipients FAQ

1. What service does LetterService.com provide?
LetterService.com is a trusted third party service provider for storing and delivering / rendering letters of recommendation.
2. Why Letter Service?
Requesting and delivering the letters of recommendation is often quite a hassle for both applicants and recommenders (letter writers), particularly when applicants apply for multiple schools or multiple jobs. Yet, recommendation and references are an important part of evaluation process on all applicants. Letter Service is designed to streamline the process and provide a centralized solution of managing, storing and delivering the letters of recommendation. Our service makes the application / evaluation of candidates process easier for all parties.
3. How are letters of recommendation sent?
Upon applicant's request, we deliver the letters via mail, email, online uploading or direct access to those letters on our system. We encourage institutions / employers to use our direct access to the letters of recommendation on our system. This allows your organization to get the letters instantly.
4. Is there a way to integrate with the institution's application system?
Yes. Our system can be integrated with your system by offering a direct access to letters of recommendation on our system. Our system can render the letters of recommendation for your review in real time. Please contact us for more info.
5. How much does it cost to use Letter Service?
There is no cost for letter recipients.