A Trusted Solution for
Managing and Delivering
Letters of Recommendation

  • Secure
  • Confidential
  • Convenient
  • Fast


  • One copy of recommendation letter for multiple applications
  • No more bothering your recommenders repeatedly
  • For your admission, employment or scholarship applications


  • Write once for an applicant's multiple applications
  • Upload once to our system and we'll deliver letters for you. No cost to recommenders
  • We keep your letters secure and confidential


  • Receive confidential letters for honest assessment of applicants
  • Letters delivered to organizations by mail, e-delivery, or viewed from our website
  • For employers, colleges / grad schools and other organizations with no charge

Why Letter Service?

For many applicants, one of the biggest hassles is asking recommenders to write multiple recommendation letters and to submit their letters to multiple organizations. This has deterred the applicants from applying to more schools or jobs.

For recommenders, the letter writers, it is burdensome to have to submit their letters to multiple organizations that the applicants are applying to. If a recommender has to write letters for multiple applicants and each applicant is applying for multiple schools or jobs, the recommender's work multiplies.

Letter Service provides a centralized solution to streamline the process: recommenders submit their letters to us, once. We store those letters and keep them secure and confidential. Upon the applicants' requests, we will deliver the letters to all organizations that the applicants are applying to, on behalf of recommenders.

Save time, make your application process easier. Letter Service is here to help.

It is easy as

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Request It

Applicants send a letter request to recommenders.

Save It

Recommenders (letter writers) submit their letters to us.

Deliver It

We deliver the letters to organizations upon applicants' requests.

How It Works